Bragging on my Momma

I have to take a moment and brag about my momma, because she doesn't do it enough for herself AND today is her birthday! :) She is one really special lady if I do say so myself.  My mom has always been my wonder woman.  Always inspiring me to reach for the stars and can't express how happy I am that sewing has brought us even closer this past year.  My mom has always been one ready to lend a helping hand and a knower of how to fix just about everything.  She is a hardworking woman that continues to amaze me and make me proud every day.

Last weekend I traveled to my hometown, Centerville Indiana, to see her quilts in the Annual Archway Days Quilt Show.  She had not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, BUT 6 quilts in the show!  Her love for quilting has been my motivation to start exploring the hobby myself and I'm sure you can see why.  Not only did she have 6 quilts, each quilt has such a great story.  Here's the breakdown....

Quilt #1

Quilt #1 - The long awaited present!

20 years ago my Aunt Vivian picked out some fabric for my grandmother to make her a quilt.  My grandmother pieced together the log cabin blocks but never got to actually piece the blocks together to finish the quilt top.  Since my grandmother no longer quilts, my mom and her teamed up to finish this 'UFO' ((unfinished project)).  They organized the blocks, picked out some backing and border fabric, then my mom pieced together and quilted (on her new Juki machine) this full size quilt.  

It just so happened to be my aunt's 60th birthday last week, what better time for this precious gift!  At our annual Seafood Boil at my mom's house, my grandma and mom presented the quilt to my aunt.  She IMMEDIATELY recognized the fabric and was in love with the finished project.  How cool is that?!  Love seeing 2 generations come together to get that 'UFO' checked off the list! 

Quilt #2 - T-shirt Quilt

This was the quilt my mom made for my Brother-in-law for Christmas last year.  He's over 6 foot tall so she made the blanket 60' x 120' to make sure he was able to cuddle up under it!  ((She had to rent time on a long arm for this quilt!))

Even his boys enjoy cuddling up with it, as one of them was hoping to warm up under it when my mom went to pick it up to take to the show. :)  I love how t-shirt quilts can preserve so many memories and transfer into a new use.

Quilt #2

Quilt #3 - Momma Says Sew!

I'm a little bias on this quilt because I purchased her the jelly roll to make it, but I love the red and black prints. =) This was purchased before I dove into the world of sewing and I was clueless on what I was even purchasing.  I remember walking into our local quilt shop in search of something for my mom's birthday but felt like a lost cat wondering around the store.  ((It's almost my second home now))  I thought this fabric had a cute name and glad to see she put it to good use!  It's easy to get caught up making quilts for others and was also glad to see her make this beauty for herself!  A perfect quilt to wrap up with on the couch.  I tagged along when she rented long arm time to quilt, I've since started researching long arms I would like to own.  A girl can dream.....  ;)

Quilt #3

Quilt #4 - Vacation Quilt

This quilt was inspired by fabric my mom purchased while traveling to the east coast with my Step Dad.  It's always fun stopping at new shops along your road trip. So it was rightfully named the 'Vacation Quilt' :)  Love the half triangles, makes me wish I was on a beach today!  Such fun fabric 

Quilt #4

Quilt #5 - Baby Quilt for Camden

Next up, this adorable baby quilt made for my nephew Camden.  I couldn't snap a picture at the show before they started break down but check out the binding!  Love the fussy cut of the lion block for this jungle theme quilt.

Quilt #5

Quilt #6 - Surprise Present!

This is my favorite! Not only do I love the bright colors and detailed free motion quilting, I love who was gifted this beautiful quilt.  My mom has been teaching my step dad's 9 year old niece to sew and quilt.  She has made a pillow case for her brother and just finished a quilted table runner for her grandmother!  Her table runner was being display at the quilt show as well.  I love that she has passion for sewing at such a young age.  My mom is a great teacher to everyone.  She's been my teacher since day one and has had countless facetime calls with me to answer quilting and machine questions.  She knows it all! 

My mom surprised Melody after the quilt show when she showed her the tag from the show listing her as the quilt owner.  There was an instance smile from ear to ear.  This was the first quilt my mom quilted on her Juki sewing machine.  I love the detail of the background quilting.  I see lots and lots of sleepovers in the future for this quilt. :)

This quilt was also already down before I could snap a finished picture but these will have to do for now!  

(Not pictured: The back is darling on this quilt as well!  My mom combined 9 fat quarters for the backing and gives such a fun pop of color!)

Quilt #6